Question: How Do You Make Computers Think For Themselfs?

  1. Hi there again! I’m glad that you’ve asked here, great! As it is a question that I can’t give a short answer to!

    So are you sitting comfortably? I’ll begin….. 🙂

    There are loads of different ways of getting computers to think for themselves, the subject of artificial intelligence is still so new – there are loads of people in universities all over the world still trying out different ways of making machines think more like we do, getting a bit nearer to sci-fi(!) – but some other people think this is scary, fair enough, quite understandable!

    (What do you think of it generally? Are making robots more intelligent a good or bad thing? My dad isn’t so sure, my mum thinks the idea is scary, but nearly all of us who are involved with software think it is a great idea!)

    Here at my work, we have loads of different algorithms to deal with whatever input we get (it could be the position of a machine on the ground, or radar data, or anything really), and we get processors to change what they are doing depending on these inputs and the results of the algorithms we use (“neural networking” is an example).

    The ‘clever’ bit is to get the results of what the processors have calculated (plus adjusting the position of machine or other data or whatever) to become the new inputs, it goes on and on in a feedback loop. This is what we call “thinking” (as nearly all neuroscientists and programmers believe that is what the human brain is actually doing – forever dealing with loads and loads of feedback loops from nerve impulses to move muscles and releasing chemicals like serotonin, and (my fave!) adrenaline).

    A.I. is a fascinating subject with loads of different theories, and the exciting bit is that it is all still so new, and very ‘cutting edge’ and we’re living right in it! 🙂



  1. Thats Amazing , I Never Thought Computers Could Actually Be Made To Think Just Like Us! , I Cant Wait Until I Get One , This Whole Subject Is Just So Amazing And I Hope That All Computers Will Be Like That ! … I Would Love To See One:) + By The Way What Does algorithms Mean? 😀


  2. Well, at the moment our brains are far cooler doing some things – like dancing, or playing music. A dancing robot just falls over and tries to carry on dancing while lying down (hilarious)…. but computers totally whip us at hard-thinking like playing chess, or looking at patterns from some crazy data set.

    There are some people (including me) that think robots will soon do better than us when doing physical stuff – I can see robots in the near future doing somersaults and making moves to shame the best dance teacher 🙂

    An algorithm is a posh word for a set of instructions for a particular task, like supposing we had a robot-on-wheels hitting a wall, it will then run an algorithm to get it to back away, remember where it was before it crashed, and try a different direction. That kinda thing. (We should sack whoever invents them posh words??!)

    Which school are you again? So I know which ones to send them Raspberry Pi boards to – that’s if I win 🙂


  3. I Bet It Is Funny Watch A Robot Dance Whilst On The Floor . Yeah I Could See Robots Doing Somersaults And Awsome Danenoves , Who Would Want Top Use Posh Words Like That Anyway , There Confusing I Think We should Sack Them Aswell….. I Hope You Do Win , Them Credit Crad Computers Sound AWSOME!!! ….. And I Go To David Young Community Academy 😀


    • 🙂
      Fab. I’ve got your school down on my list.

      Posh words – yeah, some people want to use them so that they look “clever”, huh… annoys me too! We should force everyone to use nice and plain English (maybe that’s another idea for them Raspberry Pi boards – to delete someone’s work if it has too many posh words in it.. hmm.. Actually, I might just do that!) 😉


  4. Hahaa , Yeah I Agree … Get The Raspberry Pi boards To Delete Work If They Have Words Like Algorithm ,,,, Work Would Be So Much Easier With Them + Without Posh Words:) n + Thanks