I’m an Engineer – you’ve decided to let BILL go

We’ve counted, checked and rechecked the votes since yesterday and now it’s game over for…


This leaves just KAYLEIGH and ANDY to fight it out for the £500 prize tomorrow. What would they both do with the money, you ask? Kayleigh says “I’d buy each school in the High Performance Zone a book about engineering careers so that if any student still has questions after the event, they can find the answers” and Andy says “Buy really tiny computers, and give them to local and special schools, so that kids can mess about with, doing whatever they want with them, yeah, to stop I.T. lessons from being boring!”.

The competition is hotting up and the engineers are pulling out all the stops to secure your all important final vote. Only you decide who gets the £500 prize. Not your teacher, not the other engineers.

Ask them more questions to help you decide who should win – ASK

And most importantly vote NOW to make sure your favourite engineer walks off with the prize – VOTE

May the best engineer win.

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