Rain Irshad

Photo: Rain

Me and my Work: I design, build and test space instruments for planetary missions.

Status: Devastated! Tried to drown sorrows in coffee and biscuits, but the biscuits were on the top shelf and I couldn't reach...

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Kayleigh Messer

Photo: Kayleigh

Me and my Work: I work in the Vehicle Performance department at Lotus F1 Team and I perform laptime simulations before every race.

Status: Is disappointed it's all over tomorrow! Can't we do it all again next week?

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Grant Cairnie

Photo: Grant

Me and my Work: I am a Calibration Engineer for Passenger Car Engines

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do you fix cars daily

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Bill Price

Photo: Bill

Me and my Work: I am a structural engineer, travel all over the globe, design high rise buildings and other projects for our clients.

Status: Looking forward to the first chat session!

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Andrew Hearn

Photo: Andy

Me and my Work: I write software for loads different things like automatic controllers for trains, or getting computers to “think” for themselves, and making sure that they run without problems, also I write instructions on how to use them.

Status: I'm humbled and honoured... thank you everyone.

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