• Question: andy that would be great, if our school was to buy cool new materials what would you reccomend?x

    Asked by oliashall to Andy on 21 Mar 2012.
    • Photo: Andrew Hearn

      Andrew Hearn answered on 21 Mar 2012:

      Hi again! Great that you’ve asked here!

      These tiny computers (the size of a credit card, and only costing around £30 to £35) are the thing!

      They get students to mess about with them, doing whatever they want with them, and do all sorts – even the ones that don’t normally get involved find themselves wanting to have a go! Honestly I’m like really jealous of today’s students – we never had the chance to do these Raspberry Pi boards!

      So really your imagination is the limit for them – Build small robots? In-car entertainment? Home (or school!) movie theatre centre? Build a sensor to detect if someone goes into a room and take photos on the sly?? Or just to try a bit of programming? So you decide! There’s no danger of breaking them – and if someone does, they get replaced easily. I’m even more jealous now…… 🙂

      This thing started because some people were getting worried that the ICT lessons in schools were getting more and more boring – they used to be fun before, something was very wrong. So these guys got together and did this – things are changing now (about time!!)

      Link (this has photos – but unfortunately there’s way, way too many comments down the page – just to show how popular this is!):

      And a Wikipedia article on this (of course!!) – the article makes it sound more complicated than it actually is though: