• Question: did you ever wanted to be something else?

    Asked by henry to Andy, Bill, Grant, Kayleigh, Rain on 13 Mar 2012. This question was also asked by sammy, obafail01, panashe4eva.
    • Photo: Andrew Hearn

      Andrew Hearn answered on 13 Mar 2012:

      I liked the idea of putting on scuba equipment as my work clothes! The summer after my A-Levels was the hardest summer ever, computers vs biology?! Back then these fields were so different! But if I had to make the same decision now, it would be designing and writing software for equipment to use on boats.

    • Photo: Bill Price

      Bill Price answered on 13 Mar 2012:

      Of course being David Bowie had its attractions. I was quite big into the Newcastle Punk thing when I was a lad and that seemed very attractive. Unfortuanltely unless you actually are David Bowie its a rather unsustainable career choice. Thats might be a bit of a dull reply though.

    • Photo: Rain Irshad

      Rain Irshad answered on 13 Mar 2012:

      If I hadn’t done engineering, I think I’d have studied literature and tried to be a writer. I say try – not many people can successfully live on what they make from writing books. You have to be JK Rowling for that.

      Of course, if I was a bit taller…..

    • Photo: Kayleigh Messer

      Kayleigh Messer answered on 13 Mar 2012:

      When I was much younger I wanted to be a vet but when my pet dog died I realised I wouldn’t be able to cope with the sad times, even if I was helping animals. After that I didn’t know what I wanted to be, until I found out I could be an engineer in F1.