• Question: how were you chosen to be on this thing a bob

    Asked by pikachu to Andy, Bill, Grant, Kayleigh, Rain on 16 Mar 2012.
    • Photo: Andrew Hearn

      Andrew Hearn answered on 16 Mar 2012:

      I think the people who organised this thingy drew names out of a hat (that’s what I’d like to imagine!) But I suppose they had a criteria, like a tick-list, to select people out of all the applicants.

    • Photo: Rain Irshad

      Rain Irshad answered on 16 Mar 2012:

      You know, I haven’t the faintest idea.

      Moderators – can you help with this one?

    • Photo: Kayleigh Messer

      Kayleigh Messer answered on 16 Mar 2012:

      We all applied because it looked like a really good project to be involved in (which it is!) along with loads of other engineers. We were the lucky ones, but like the others, I don’t know why!

    • Photo: Bill Price

      Bill Price answered on 18 Mar 2012:

      I seem to remember answering some questions on line in December. Im a fan of the Academy so I gave it a go….

    • Photo: Grant Cairnie

      Grant Cairnie answered on 19 Mar 2012:

      I think we all like to encourage Engineering and support initiatives which promote it amongst younger people. I put my name down to support the event and from then on I have no idea what happened.