• Question: what are your interests?

    Asked by kelsey to Andy, Bill, Grant, Kayleigh, Rain on 15 Mar 2012.
    • Photo: Andrew Hearn

      Andrew Hearn answered on 15 Mar 2012:

      I have a major problem! I have too many interests and there’s never enough time! It is a balancing act these days, trying to prioritize things. Other than being active in my spare time, I enjoy doing art, writing, books, learning about fields other than software (lately it has been anthropology, history and neuroscience!), genealogy, cooking different dishes, more books, films, and even more books! (I need to clone myself(!))

    • Photo: Rain Irshad

      Rain Irshad answered on 15 Mar 2012:

      I love reading – fiction mostly and any kind. Same goes for watching movies. I like JK Rowling, Stephen King, Robert Jordan, Margaret Atwood, Zadie Smith, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, thrillers, mysteries, contemporary literature – and even have a secret soft spot for Mills and Boon – though maybe I shouldn’t admit to that on the internet.

      I also love drawing and painting, especially people – it’s hard and when I don’t practice enough I get really bad at it, but it’s so satisfying. Pencil sketches and oil paintings are my favourite media.

      I like rock climbing, kayaking, travelling, reading Harry Potter in French, spending time with my friends and their kids, watching tv, cooking, eating (love eating, especially cake), classic cars, playing computer games, writing stories, and sleeping. There’s so much fun stuff to do in the world and so little time!

    • Photo: Kayleigh Messer

      Kayleigh Messer answered on 19 Mar 2012:

      I love watching tv (Neighbours, animal programs, Top Gear and Big Bang Theory are my favourites), films (sci fi, action, chick flicks, kids films), playing on the xbox or wii (mario kart is my favourite), reading, spending time with friends and family. I love animals so like going to visit zoos and parks.

      I really enjoy being a science, engineering, technology and maths ambassador, and this weekend I helped out talking about my career at the Big Bang Fair, which was loads of fun! I love going to events like that, and visiting other fairs and museums.

      I sound like a stuck record but I do really love cars, motor racing and I also marshal at Silverstone. I keep trying to get into running, cycling and swimming as I do enjoy all 3, I’m just quite lazy so do it a few times then get out of the habit! I’m better at watching sport – as well as motorsport, I like football and support Liverpool.

    • Photo: Bill Price

      Bill Price answered on 22 Mar 2012:

      Well I ride a bike four times a day to get to work plus I have a nice mountain bike for the weekend. I play bass guitar in a band and do the odd gig here and there. I run the COnstruction Rocks event http://www.constructionrocks.com .

      I really like cooking but dont often go really mad and use a recipe – I just like bunging nice things together. I do the cooking at the weekend.
      I do like film and a bit of reading but its all getting a bit thin now – so little time……………