• Question: where your parents supportive or aagainst

    Asked by panashe4eva to Andy, Bill, Grant, Kayleigh, Rain on 19 Mar 2012.
    • Photo: Andrew Hearn

      Andrew Hearn answered on 19 Mar 2012:

      My parents were very supportive – they knew that I had a passion for software, and for marine wildlife, and they were happy that I was following them through, making a career out of one or other.

    • Photo: Bill Price

      Bill Price answered on 19 Mar 2012:

      Hi Panashe – I think I had good parents. They definitely supported me in pretty much everything (vaguely sensible) that I wanted to do. So yes they encouraged me in maths adn physics because they could see I liked that. But they also supported me making stuff and using my practical skills. They then supported me to get a place at Uni and in my career. And I dont mean fixed anything, they just encouraged me to do what I felt was right for me. This meant I was self motivated and I think that’s the best way. Both my parents were teachers actually so its not like I was following them or anything.

    • Photo: Rain Irshad

      Rain Irshad answered on 19 Mar 2012:

      Yeah, I don’t think my mother ever understood why I was doing what I did, but at the end of the day it’s your life and you have to do what’s best for you – not what will make your parents happy for all of five minutes.

    • Photo: Kayleigh Messer

      Kayleigh Messer answered on 19 Mar 2012:

      I was very lucky, my parents were very supportive. Neither went to uni and both dislike their jobs so were determined to encourage me and my sister to do well at school to give us more options and pick a career that we really wanted to do, whatever that was.

    • Photo: Grant Cairnie

      Grant Cairnie answered on 19 Mar 2012:

      Yes extremely. They encouraged me to do what I wanted to do and supported me with big decisions along the way.